Scaling - Difference between Mencoder & Avisynth/Mencoder

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Scaling - Difference between Mencoder & Avisynth/Mencoder

Postby nsrafk » Wed Jan 21, 2009 8:43 pm

Hello there. Im having some issues when i want to scale my movies. I currently have a 720p TV and i only play 720p HD content.

Im using the latest version of PMS and i tried to play a bit around with some different settings. So i used the video scaler for mencoder and set it to 1280x720 - Quite good result, it just cuts off a small bit of the video from the left and right side (No clue why, since the videos are encoded in 1280x528, 1280x544 & 1280x720. All official 'scene' BluRay rips.

So, when adding clip=clip.LanczosResize(1280,720) to the avisynth script, i expected to achieve the same result, however i didn't. There's no difference at all if i use that resizer or not, with avisynth. The black borders are way larger with avisynth than when i use Mencoder and the video scaler. Anyone care to explain me why? :)

I've been struggling since the birth of PMS to scale my movies optimally, and i still haven't found out the best setup. So far i've just watched movies without any scaling, but i think i miss out on alot of picture by those black borders (i use avisynth/mencoder) as primary engine since i like the option in ffdshow to display the subtitles at a 16:9 ratio (which means i can get them shown on the black borders so they dont mess up the picture itself :P)

I'd love some help here mates :) - And thanks alot shagrath for this software.
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