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Change name and icon of PMS [NAIC Tool]

Postby squadjot » Sun Jul 10, 2011 10:18 pm

Hi all

I just recently stumbled over this post in the F.A.Q.
It tell's you how you can edit the pms.jar with WinRar, and change the name of PMS server.

It happens that the icon used on the XMB (currently the PS3 console icon) , is ALSO available to change using same method.

This is already pretty easy to do, but since you'll have to do it every time you update PMS version,
i thought share a little script that can update icon and name of PMS server in few clicks. 8-)


- You need to have following: Windows, WinRar, PMS
- You must validate the paths of PMS.exe and WinRar.exe in "Settings.conf"
- PMS cannot be running while changing name/icon

- Download the files: ... ICv0.6.rar
- Extract the files to a folder anywhere local on your computer.
- Remember to check the paths are correct in "Settings.conf"
- That's it.. from there use the two bat files, SetName.bat and SetIcon.bat

How to use SetName.bat
You simply double click the file, and it will prompt you for a name.
*Alternatively you can call this bat from commandline/script with the png file as argument

How to use SetIcon.bat
Simply drag drop a png file onto the bat file, and it will do the rest
*Alternatively you can call this bat from commandline/script with the png file as argument

Note: The PNG should have a size of 256x256 pixel (24bit)


- It's been tested on WinXP(32) and win7(64).
- It's portable in the sense as you can put the NAIC folder anywhere, aslong as you adjust the paths in Settings.conf, and don't use UNC paths.
- PMS might get problems if you rename the server too funky, to be sure just use ordinary characters [a-Z, 0-9]

Let me know if it's of any use...
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Change XMB name and icon of PMS: PMS NAIC
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