PS3MA - webbased control/mood playlist gen. android/pc/phone

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PS3MA - webbased control/mood playlist gen. android/pc/phone

Postby Canule » Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:24 pm

When listening to a playlist with a few music albums of a category there will be always songs that are not right for the moment, at least in my case.

I'm not happy about the way that I First need to sort songs at my desk, save the pls, and discover after that there are songs/albums(kind of
mood/style of the artist his song)not right for the mood that the I/guest have (like a party party mood :P)

Now, I have huge playlist of a kind of music, where the unlike's need to be remembered/write down for delete in the pls. after.
By the wide scale/amount music I'm listening(pop/jazz/Techno, Electro,
House/drum&base, dubstep, jungle/Dance/Rock, Punk, Alternative/Metal/Terror & Frenchcore, Hardcore/R&B Hiphop,
Rap/Reagge/Easy listening, lounge/....), its la lot of work and no fun to do all :(

Because I just want to enjoy the music and be able to skip the song in
ps3/other network player and delete it from the pls while doing that.
with some detection of un-finished file streams but thats not accurate.

So maybe its better(open for more functions) to sort them directly in to a
mood based playlist, with an web based engine(using MiniApache, external apache or windows web server), so phone/pc/android/ipads could be
used as a controler for that.
When output java->htm / or connect php<2>java for dynamic pages.

ps3media-app, as there is already an ps3 app coming up

Also the other request in this forum for viewed episodes of TV series is
included then, as you can sort them in a pls with the name watched.pls and to_watch.pls

gr, Maarten
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