GUI / Covert Art tab

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GUI / Covert Art tab

Postby cptrico » Tue Feb 17, 2009 9:48 pm

Hi all,

And thanks again for a super program. I am also one of those that came from Tversity, but PMS simply has it all i love it :D

What would make my day even better would be if a cover art functionality could be added. I know some other have mentioned some about this, but not excatly the same.

What could be cool is that if the folder you share in the media libray where automaticly scanned and movie cover where downloaded from IMDB and given the same name as the movie file. If the movie has a name that is not regionized on imdb you could have the option to find the cover your self. Then all movies could have nice covers instead of thumbnails. Maybe even with the possibility to have the option to see if it is a SD or HD movie by having a HD icon or 720p written in the side of the cover like it is now with thumb.
I have a friend that knows alot of C# and i know he is working on a small app that could do this thing i want, maybe it could be ported to java.. :)

I hope for the best ;)

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