sorting by letter + custom tags

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sorting by letter + custom tags

Postby meet-me » Tue Feb 10, 2009 8:04 am

I'm using your program ~1 month and really happy with it.
I would like to have some customization in tags sorting for music database.
I'm russian, and part of my collection is russian music with russian mp3tags.
If I go to sorting by letter - there's no russian letters to sort by them. As a result - I loose possibility to sort by letter all russian music.
Also I have no possibility to add custom sorting (for example I have additional tag in all music - "albumartist" for compilation albums.

Could you please make possibility of sorting database using .config file where everybody can add something for yourself,using simple script language. For example to add sorting criteria or add national letters in sorting by letter.

With config file there will be possibility to share between users there config files, and this would be great, especially for non-english tags.

If there's already possibility - please inform me.

Thanks in advance.
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