Change audio settings from PS3

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Change audio settings from PS3

Postby Audioboxer » Sun Jan 03, 2010 5:37 pm

Hey Shagrath,

This would be a HUGE addition for me but I know it might be quite low for others/maybe not even possible.

To sum it up quickly I have a home theatre system so I use the DTS trick, but I also have a set of wireless headphones I use to game in bed at night to keep the volume down in the house. Issue is with DTS trick enabled is I obviously just hear white noise/static through the headphones (95% of my HD encodes have a DTS track). They're just Sennheiser 130's, stereo headphones with a fake surround sound effect.

Anyway we could change the audio settings of PS3MS from the PS3 like the video/transcoding settings rather than me having to untick that box every time before I go to bed? I forget sometimes :(

Since Sony allowed us to output to two audio sources on the PS3 it's been ideal for my home theatre system and headphones and gaming, it's just a pain with streaming media :(

Thanks bud, happy new year! :)
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Re: Change audio settings from PS3

Postby Audioboxer » Wed Jan 13, 2010 7:25 pm

Shagrath could you even just tell me if this is possible?

We now have 2 PS3s in the house, my parents want to stream films but they just use TV audio, no surround sound system at all and that PS3 is downstairs from this PC. Meaning we're constantly having to change PS3MS settings on my PC. I play DTS, they need transcoded to AC3 2.0.

It's a hassle more than an issue, but if it's something that could be resolved one day :D

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Re: Change audio settings from PS3

Postby Val Killmore » Thu Sep 29, 2011 6:27 pm

I know this is an old idea, but rather me starting a new "idea thread", I thought I would get behind this. Not even just for DTS, but simply more options available from the #Video Settings# folder.

I could find a use for this option, particularly when I expand my network to the rest of the house and get another PS3 here soon. And as I run mostly as a service (majority of the time), more options available thru the XMB would be REALLY nice.

Not sure if most options would even be possible to add like this, but it would be a nice 'perk'
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