Predefined Settings With Auto Select

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Predefined Settings With Auto Select

Postby utku » Thu Jan 29, 2009 9:56 pm


I have recommented this tool to many people on a newsgroup, but most people experienced wireless bandwidth problems, and they were not able to locate video quality combobox on transcoding settings, anyway,my suggestion is since peak bw is being detected, to define a ps3 menu command to load suitable settings for that network environment and cpu power, even giving user an option to use automatic settings. If that is not possible at the moment a slider with more quality-low network, and less cpu-more quality kind of thing may be really helpful.

I believe both network and cpu bottlenecks can be detected by app, so if it was possible to change setting realtime by the app, a real plug and play could be reality.

Anyway, that kind of efforts will definately make this program more accesible for many people.

Thanks for this great app by the way, much better than anything I've tried, I hope it will get even better.
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