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Synology NAS

Postby trakian » Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:24 pm

Hi, and very thanks for your great software

First sorry for my bad english, i'm french....

I have a question or maybe a request is better, do you think ps3 media server run on SYNOLOGY NAS (ex DS108J)?
Is a fact, if possible to install addon software on this Linux OS inside this NAS (many software addon is already exist)

Thanks you so much, and long live PAS3 media server (macuser)

best regards
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Re: Synology NAS

Postby ExSport » Wed Jan 28, 2009 7:20 pm

If you take the fact that not compatible 1080p files are unable to be streamed flawlessly to PS3 on Quad Core PC, you can imagine if it is possible.
Max for streaming compatible XviD I suppose, but Shagrath developed this application mainly for PS3 so if he sometimes look at this, it will be at last place of his to-to list.
But better to wait for answer directly from Shagrath 8-)
Anyway somewhere here I read that XboX is an exception so I think that other UPnP devices will be beyond his interrest(free time).
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Re: Synology NAS

Postby trakian » Sat Jan 31, 2009 11:09 am

Hi ExSport,

Thx for you answer, i think you right the CPU of NAS synology is not enough powerful to decode HD flux. :oops:

Maybe next generation of NAS....(like POPCORN HOUR)
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