Java JRE 6u11 X64

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Java JRE 6u11 X64

Postby mi6 » Mon Jan 26, 2009 6:14 am


Ive been playing around and trying to get PMS to use Java JRE 6u11 X64 with no real luck. the only way i got it to work was to install X32 & X64 in parallel and then copy over the x64 folder to the X86 dir
and it works but there's lag issues and its probably the dirtiest "hack" i've done, tried changing the environmental variables in Windows with no luck.

My setup is WinXP x64 Pro running on a AMD64 X2 Duo 1Gig Ram // Asus 7800GTX 256mb

it runs smooth and i'm able to get 90ish mb/s playing 1080p mkv files no lag and im able to fast forward / rewind.

So my question would be is it possible to get PMS to use X64 java and if so what would be needed.

Thanks for the help, and i would like to thank you for the wonderful program ive been using Tversity for a while and always had issues with HD content 720/1080p. Mostly being shuttering / buffering issues.
but using PMS it works like a charm right off the bat! Thanks!
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