Automagic Sorting of Some Sort (A la Boxee)

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Automagic Sorting of Some Sort (A la Boxee)

Postby st1lez » Fri May 01, 2009 1:22 am

Ok, first off I don't have any clue how hard this kind of stuff is to implement but damn boiiii if it's possible at some point.

What i'm talking about is how some programs look at a filename, and basically try to figure out what video or song, etc that file is. So say I have Iron Man X264 1080p.mp4 or whatever, have the program do some voodoo and find the movie poster and title for that file, best guess of course.

I guess what i'm thinking of is Boxee if you guys know that app, you give it a directory and tell if it it's videos or music, then it tries to sort your files out within some kind of database file in Boxee i'm assuming as it doesn't actually go through and tag your files, it leaves them all alone, but within Boxee, It'll take that Iron man file, search using imdb or amazon i'm assuming and throw it into a movies section when it finds the Iron Man movie data, with the poster art of course. If it finds say Heroes S03E05.mp4 or whatever, It'll throw that bad boy in a Heroes Folder > Season 3 > Episode 5 (it'll have the real title of the episode) and this is all in the TV folder.

Now the more I'm typing trying to explain this it's sounding like it is insanely hard to implement so maybe like a 3.0 down the road, just figured I'd throw it out there if it's not impossible. Now i'd be more than happy to drop $30-40 on the app like as a purchase if it had this feature on top of what it already has. For me, you've covered just about everything thus far and organizational caveats are all that's left.

Love it though, thanks for all the hard work.
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