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some suggestion

Postby TSystem » Tue Apr 28, 2009 11:18 pm


I've a ps3 since 2week, i've start with your media server, and i don't want to try anotherone !!! great job, it's very usefull...
But some ideas for futur version :

1- it's will be very usefull to change the sorting option from the ps3 ( alphabetical or newer) because with big folder tree it's not easy to find what i need, but the most of the time, sorting by newer files is very good...

2- Possibility to refresh folder from the ps3 without to restart the server will be usefull too.

3-maybe the possibility to rename shared folder can be a fine option

4-is there a solution for the server to share a folder tree as a single file list. This point can be usefull to make a full slide of pictures. because if picture are order by year and by event and ... you can't slide it all, it's only possible to make one slideshow by one folder.

hope this point can add some ideas to your mind ;o)
great thanks for a great job and usefull software...

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