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Portable version of PMS

Postby Hulkster » Sat Jul 26, 2014 4:07 pm

The reason I just joined the forum is because I want to make a feature suggestion for PMS. I was looking for a portable version of PS3 Media Server, but couldn't find it. The reason I would like to have a portable version is, you don't have to install anything and when a new version comes you only have to unpack and run it from anywhere.

PS3 media server would be the ultimate portable tool to stream your movie files from a USB stick. But only if there will be a possibility to download the portable version. CCleaner has also been made portable and I can say I don't want anything else now. Many of my tools are portable, so I would seriously would like to suggest a portable version (feature) in the upcoming new version. And when people download any new versions in the future they can choose between the full version or portable version.

I hope this will be reconsidered and made possible! Thank you for reading this thread! :D
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