separate concurrent audio transcoding for streaming to phone

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separate concurrent audio transcoding for streaming to phone

Postby aviv27 » Mon Mar 17, 2014 10:53 pm


I want to be able to stream video to my tv, but when watching at night while my wife is sleeping, I want sound to got to my Android phone via wifi so I can listen to it with headphones.
I guess in order to do that, PMS needs to do a separate on-the-fly audio transcoding, cuncurrend to the video transcoding, and an Android APP needs to be able to pick that stream and play it.
Video-Audio sync & CPU overload issues aside, I think its technically possible.

so Yes, I know, get a wireless headset and connect it to the tv, but those things are either very expensive or poor quality or even both.

My question is - (1) is there a plugin/feature like that?
(2) can a developer tell me if its technically possible to develop such a feature.

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