Web Browser media streaming

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Web Browser media streaming

Postby mohala » Tue May 15, 2012 2:02 am


I love the work you lot have done, I was wondering as a cool feature would be to create web browser ablility similar to subsonic and weezo, but with the added feature that you can use mencoder or other codecs to stream and transcode either to a flash player or html5 player.

The reason being is that weezo and subsonic are only using ffmpeg and well MKV files with embedded subtitles do not show or other video files which have .srt files do not show either, (but weezo and subsonic can still view 10bit/Hi10P video).
It would be awesome if you guys could be able to create something like this with the added feature for user accounts and http internet streaming so, people can stream their music or videos when they are away from thier homes and let familys or friends use a guest account to view or stream music and video.

What do you think, plus I think, if you are able to do this you probably be the first http web media server with official subtitle ability.

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