Filtring the offrings

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Filtring the offrings

Postby Turbopower » Sat Oct 22, 2011 9:47 am

Hi All.

I suggest the posibility of filtering the contens.
So instead of having to brows thru, All folders, and ending up in having to scroll thru #transcode#.
Then just being able to select the movie, from one of the first levels.
I normally have my Backup ISO, in a folder with there names, and inside an ISO image. but since I normally needs a diffrent audio or subtitle, I have to use #transcode#, but that means I have to look thru many many lines of offrings. I would be nice to be able to filtre.. I am only interestet in the orignal audio or local audio, and local subtitels.

But thank you for a very nice application :-)
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