Non-PS3 user, can't pause

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Non-PS3 user, can't pause

Postby Celeborn_81 » Sun Mar 15, 2009 12:39 pm

First off, thank you for writing such an awesome streaming program!! I've looked high and low and found nothing that comes close PS3MS, I love it!

The problem I have tho is that I can't pause the stream. Thing is, I'm not using PS3MS for a PS3, in fact I don't even own a PS3 but I do have a DLNA compliant Pioneer 5090H 50" Plasma.

I can pause streams originating from Windows Media Player and as far as I can remember TVersity too (not sure cause I didn't use it for long).

From what I can gather from other posts on this forum, pausing is not an issue on the PS3 so I can only assume that my TV doesn't communicate as well with PS3MS as a real PS3, but since I can pause streams from other servers maybe there's something I can do in PS3MS that will work for my TV too? Unfortunately I have no idea how DLNA works or even where to begin but I assume there's a specific pause request sent from any DLNA device and that the PS3 sends a slightly different one? Just thinking out loud ofc but if that was the case maybe PS3MS can listen to standard DLNA pause requests as well?

Thanks again for putting the time and effort into creating PS3MS and for putting up with annoying users! :)

Computer specs:
CPU: Intel i7 920
GPU: LeadTek GeForce GTX 280 1GB
LAN: 1000MB wired (only 100MB cable tho)
OS: Windows 7 Build 7000

The TV is connected directly to the computer with a crossed Ethernet cable, DHCP via Windows Internet Connection Sharing.

Debug.log is rared and attached.
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Re: Non-PS3 user, can't pause

Postby meskibob » Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:21 pm

This server was designed for the PS3 and is partially supported for the 360. I doubt if it will ever officially support any other DLNA devices, even though it may fully or partially work, and I personally prefer that it remain focused on the PS3. Luckily it's open source, so maybe someone can tweak/patch it for you to provide the functionality you want.

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Re: Non-PS3 user, can't pause

Postby shagrath » Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:29 pm

Maybe the project will later externalize all of the ps3 tweaking in a config file, but I doubt it will revolutionize something...
for example, transcoding with ps3mediaserver rely on a particular feature of the DLNA spec which allows to offer proper seeking in time and fast forward (I'd like to think it's the only transcoding server out there who properly support this)
I'm also quite sure that a very few of DLNA devices implements this spec feature
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Re: Non-PS3 user, can't pause

Postby Celeborn_81 » Sun Mar 15, 2009 4:05 pm

Ah well, thanks for replying!

I guess I'll have to settle for great playback for now :)
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