AC3 file Control

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AC3 file Control

Postby gizmoman1 » Mon Jul 18, 2011 9:44 am

So i have started to watch higher quality files, but i find that when they are AC3 the centre channel is too low and turning up my tv's volume only makes it worse when it goes from quiet talking to a loud scene change or any kind of action.

Btw this is more mac oriented cuz i believe there are ways to fix this on windows. In quicktime 7 pro there was a menu that let u assign the channels from an ac3 file to physical channels i.e. i could assign the talking centre channel to left and leave right as right - sure u lose the surround effect but if you only have tv speakers or a stereo setup this would be a great feature - on any platform.

Now having said that i haven't been up to date on these matters for 5 or six years, when i was encoding and stuff there was no h264 to speak of and i used windows. i've been on mac for 6 years and its always something that has frustrated me: the lack of control over ac3 (or any codec for that matter).

If this is not a good suggestion i'd love it if someone could point me towards a similar discussion or maybe more info on the matter.
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