Patch List: Customizeable commands (dummy items)

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Patch List: Customizeable commands (dummy items)

Postby squadjot » Fri Jul 08, 2011 9:06 pm

Hi, very exited to see this is on the list:
#20 Customizeable commands (dummy items)

I just hope it's created in a way that allows the functionality that i'd expect from it:

I'd like PMS being able to "see" bat files, and when you select/play them, they simply execute on the OS. - Simple!

(i guess on OSX it would be automator scripts)


Obviously you'd get more than enough options to do stuff like, rebooting computer/ pms, suspending/quitting/restarting other programs..

- all this combined with proper virtual folders/structure, would really be awesome

A cool thing for most script files, like bat, is you can get the actual name /path of the executing script (%0), so relying on that it's the actual file executing could benefit the user - ( instead of the java app creating a process ... )

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