Support for chained Ogg/Vorbis files

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Support for chained Ogg/Vorbis files

Postby Drag0nFly » Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:15 am

It would be nice if PS3MediaServer supported chained .ogg files (ogg files containing more than one audio stream). Currently these do not work correctly on PS3MediaServer (throws 'a network error has occurred' exception when encountering track #2). I assume this would be quite trivial to fix; as most Vorbis players reading the ogg container are able to play the files.

To clairfy, what I am trying to get to work are whole CDs rolled into one file (so-called 'chained' ogg files). This is a necessity when playing music without gaps between the tracks.
Obviously implementing true "nogap" behaviour would be a quite more involving task.

btw., to create and test a chained Ogg/Vorbis stream one only has to do a "cat <file1>.ogg <file2>.ogg ... <fileN>.ogg >multiple-tracks.ogg
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