"Auto" transcode/remux/stream engine

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"Auto" transcode/remux/stream engine

Postby ExSport » Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:13 pm

  • Removed option to automatically switch to tsMuxeR (available manually via the #--TRANSCODE--# folder)

More info about this removal and its consequences here:
https://github.com/ps3mediaserver/ps3me ... a06be770c2

Up to this patch PMS was able to automatically use best option how to play file depending on our preferences set in PMS.

What to set:
  • Audio/Subtitle priority set
  • "forced" string set
  • MEncoder used as top priority engine
  • "Remux videos with tsMuxeR when possible instead of transcoding" checked
  • "automatically load *.srt/*.sub subtitles with the same file name" checked
  • "Mux all audio tracks" checked on tsMuxeR engine tab
When talked about MKV, if above is set you never need to go to TRANSCODE folder to play file depending on the preference set. So TRASCODE folder is used for "emergency" cases only.
We can play file outside TRANSCODE folder and PMS will do what is needed:
  • remux MKV when subs are not needed for lower CPU/bandwidth usage and lossless quality
  • transcode file with MEncoder when subs should be rendered
With this settings you never need to go to TRANSCODE folder and make manual selection because you need to check if there are any subs needed so if remuxing is enough or you need to play forced subs or full subs with MEncoder because my native audio is not present.

After this patch you will lose playing file out of the box, without going to TRANSCODE folder and choosing correct audio/sub combination manually.
  • Whatever engine we are using in top of priority, you always need to go to TRANSCODE folder and make manual selection. Why we have audio/sub preferences then?
  • When txMuxeR will be used, you need go there to check if you will not miss some full or forced subs which should be played so MEncoder should be used.
  • When MEncoder is used, you need go there to check if it is needed to use MEncoder and waste CPU/quality/bandwidth when it is not needed (no full/forced subs needed)
Outside TRANSCODE folder you never know what engine/subs to use, what audio tracks are present so you always need to go there and choose correct one so do everything manually.
It is not expected behavior to force users to use TRANSCODE folder every time also in case Audio/Subs priority is set.
Not talking about the flaws of majority of renderers that combinations shown in TRANSCODE folder are truncated so you can't see all info like audio and subtitles combination, what to choose so selection is done upon nationality flag.

Now this intelligent algorithm was removed so we need an alternative :)
How it will be done nicely without any code hacks, I don't know. But I know it is the only feature which no other DLNA server has and why I am using PMS and why I programmed code in PMS for "forced" subs support.
Also I am not sure but what I remember, in past also tsMuxeR engine played preferred audio without choosing it manually. I think some patch removed this behavior, reordering of audio tracks in tsmuxer.meta file depending on our preference set. But maybe I am wrong.
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Re: "Auto" transcode/remux/stream engine

Postby Wolfgan » Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:59 pm

Mmmhhh, so that's why after the last upgrade PMS was behaving so strange... I had to read the whole changelog/commits comments to understand what was happening.

I agree with you ExSport, I consider myself a "techno-ecologist" :-) so I hate unnecesary transcoding (loss of quality, unneeded use of bandwith and CPU). Usually modern renderers support most common audio/video streams types, and what's needed is just remux to adjust the container / streams syncronization (that's the main reason I'm using PMS/tsMuxer)

So, may it be possible to add muxing preferences to tsMuxer entry (to make them top choices when prioritized as 1st video engine), or alternatively use mencoder in a remux mode (ie -oac copy -ovc copy)? (or ffmpeg with -vcodec copy -acodec copy as an option)
Interesting challenge :-) Wolf
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Re: "Auto" transcode/remux/stream engine

Postby tuscarora » Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:12 pm

PS3MS is the best thing on the block DLNA server wise. I've had great fun getting it to work perfectly with my TV.

I'm in agreement with ExSport here though, I think that while the underlying method of implementing this feature was 'messy', just removing it wholesale doesn't help. It makes the use of the program less elegant and more technical... I can't think of a single person that I know whose eyes would not glaze over if I started talking about "Transcoding" while setting up a movie!

Removing this behaviour just brings the mechanics of the program closer to the user experience, and while not strictly speaking necessary, it is certainly neater to have automatically have muxing done when transcoding is not required.
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Re: "Auto" transcode/remux/stream engine

Postby D-Kalck » Sat May 18, 2013 12:17 am

I agree with ExSport and I think that Wolfgan's suggestion should be considered.
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