I can not get 1.04 to run

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I can not get 1.04 to run

Postby wfbeck » Mon Mar 02, 2009 4:14 am

[main] TRACE 22:09:10.055 Class not found: net.pms.newgui.update.AutoUpdateDialog
Header Chunk. Image width:256 height:256 depth:8 color type:6 compression type:0 filter type:0 interlace:0
at net.pms.util.KeyedComboBoxModel.fireListDataEvent(KeyedComboBoxModel.java:208)
at net.pms.util.KeyedComboBoxModel.setSelectedKey(KeyedComboBoxModel.java:249)
at net.pms.newgui.NetworkTab.build(NetworkTab.java:114)
at net.pms.newgui.LooksFrame.buildMain(LooksFrame.java:315)
at net.pms.newgui.LooksFrame.buildContent(LooksFrame.java:295)
at net.pms.newgui.LooksFrame.<init>(LooksFrame.java:225)
at net.pms.PMS.init(PMS.java:280)
at net.pms.PMS.get(PMS.java:895)
at net.pms.PMS.main(PMS.java:957)

I can not figure out how to get this to launch. any help would be great. have java installed. running Ubuntu 8.04 intel. I had 1.03 running.
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Re: I can not get 1.04 to run

Postby shagrath » Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:30 am

I thought I've fixed this one...
but you may find this interesting: http://code.google.com/p/ps3mediaserver ... ?id=140#c3
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