PS3, No Media Servers

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Re: PS3, No Media Servers

Postby fuzzmo » Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:40 pm

Right I have sorted it.

My PS3 was hooked up via wireless, my laptop was going through ethernet.

I bought a powerline AV kit so I could hook my PS3 via ethernet - both laptop and PS3 are now connected to the same Netgear switch which in turn comes off the Thompson Router.

Once done Voila! instant recognition on the PS3. Now that I have the program going it is very impressive to say the least and has far more features than a paid for service like TwonkyMedia. Great work guys! :)

To the OP - I suspect you are using a Thompson router as the auto assign addresses always are in the range. I also suspect your PS3 is hooked in via wireless. If you can hook it up via ethernet - trust me it will solve a lot of problems....
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