Trouble with archivebrowsing.

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Trouble with archivebrowsing.

Postby RasmusB » Fri Aug 07, 2009 8:21 pm

I've just recently installed PMS on a Centos 5.3 machine, to see how well/bad it works etc. Everything seems to work just fine except the fact that I'm unable to play anything that is located inside an archive (may it be rar or zip, doesn't matter). Unraring/unzipping the files will make me able to play them but if I try and play them from the archive I get either "Corrupted data" (singel file) or, in case of a splitted archive("part-files"), "The data type is not supported". Have tried to play them through the #transcode# folder, no change at all. What I find kind of annoying is the fact that it's able to determine the vide codec of the movie/clip, resolution, size, length etc. but it isn't able to play it.

I've probably missed something very obvious but anyways: I'll give it a shot and write a thread here.

I attached the .conf-file if it is of any assistance.

Code: Select all
    thumbnails = true
    mencoder_ass = true
    prevents_sleep_mode = false
    http_engine_v2 = true
    alternate_thumb_folder = /****/****/
    use_mplayer_for_video_thumbs = true
    dvd_isos_thumbnails = true
    enable_archive_browsing = true
    hidevideosettings = true
    hide_transcode_folder = false
    hide_empty_folders = true
    hide_enginenames = true
    hide_extensions = true
    usecache = true
    folders = /****/****/
    mencoder_mt = false
    mencoder_mux_compatible = true
    skiploopfilter = false
    mencoder_scaler = false
    mencoder_yadif = false
    alternate_subs_folder = /****/****/
    mencoder_fontconfig = false

Would appreciate any help I could get since it does indeed seem to be an awesome application.

P.S. I'm using is the latest beta build (1.11.356)
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Re: Trouble with archivebrowsing.

Postby Topguy » Mon Aug 10, 2009 1:16 pm

The obvious would be to verify that you have the "unrar" and "unzip" commands available in the shell.
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Re: Trouble with archivebrowsing.

Postby RasmusB » Mon Aug 10, 2009 5:16 pm

Ye, sorry, I should have clearified it earlier. I do indeed have those commands available.
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