Linux lancher error?

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Linux lancher error?

Postby Decco » Sat Aug 01, 2009 8:22 pm


Using pms .350 build in linux, and everything works smoothly. I start it from cli, finds my ps3 all sweet. When i make a launcher on desktop to run it.. it dont find the ps3.. just unknown media rendrer why ?

tried both commands on the lancher, and yeah.. file is set as executable.
Even tried to set application in terminal. nada success

sh /home/user/pmsps3/

probably just me who f**k's up.. sorry.. anyone ?

ps. using linux mint 7 x64, gnome.
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Re: Linux lancher error?

Postby Ionic » Mon Aug 03, 2009 12:23 am


Code: Select all
bash -c 'cd /home/user/pmsps3/; sh'
any better?

It's crappy but neccessary for now, sorry.

Best regards,

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Re: Linux lancher error?

Postby Decco » Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:56 pm

Yes, nice thnx so much
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Re: Linux lancher error?

Postby Joe76000 » Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:11 pm

A very simple and graphic way to add "PS3MS Launcher" into the "Main menu" of Linux Ubuntu 9.04 (and other Ubuntu), after having obviously properly installed PS3MS on your PC...
As I am using the French version of Ubuntu, sorry if the translation I will make is time to time so-so...

- Click on "System" on the top of your screen, then "Preferences" and "Main menu".
- A "Main menu" windows opens.
- On the left side "Menus", scroll down up to "Sound & Video" and click on it.
- On the right side of the windows click on "+ New element".
- A "Create a launcher" windows opens.
- Select "Application" on the right of "Type:". Enter "PS3 Media Server" on the right of "Name:". On the right of "Command:", click on the "Browse" button. Go to the folder where PS3MS is installed, select "" file and click on the "Open" button. Add a comment on the right of "Comment:". And to finish click on the "Close" button in the "Create a launcher" windows.
- You are done!

Now, you can launch PS3MS by clicking on the main menu the following: "Applications -> Sound & video -> PS3 Media Server"...
Good luck. Cheers.
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Re: Linux lancher error?

Postby warp » Sun Oct 11, 2009 11:03 pm

Ha, if only life were so easy !!
Whenever I run PMS by the "menu", it has the same result as when I make a link or launcher anywhere i.e. 50%.
Running a pms_link in it own PMS folder even complains about missing a child process !

The thing is that by using any other link PMS only detects one (=ip of PC) and not the second (=Bravia tv set) of the available media renderers.
Besides, there's not even a debug.log produced.

When started from its own folder, by cli or click, I have both renderers and a debug.log with all output.
I tried to mend things by appending a path to .bashrc (export PATH=/home/frank/pms:$PATH) but to no avail.

Ionic's suggestion : bash -c 'cd /home/user/pmsps3/; sh' works well (Thanks !) and one can use this even in the menu launcher.

This proggie is like a wonderfull butler, for me it serves:
- from my Ubuntu server through NFS : almost anything
- from my pc likewise
- from a connected NTFS USB-drive, which is mounted again with MP3FS, FLAC's as MP3's (Bravia does not know FLAC)
- it all to my TV set !

The only thing that does not work very well are videos from the webchannels. (althoug some shady content does work ; French news channel) but that's probably up to Sony's proprierty stuff.

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