Wifi Crash Ubuntu 9.04 64bit

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Wifi Crash Ubuntu 9.04 64bit

Postby Bojanglez » Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:55 am

Hi guys,

I have set up PS3 Media Server on a fresh install on Ubuntu 9.04 (64bit). I am having problems streaming via wifi. Videos seem to play for about 20 minutes and then I lose my wireless connection. I know that it is my connection that has been lost because the wifi indicator in Ubuntu says disconnected and if any other network related software is running (torrent downloads, web sites etc) they stop working too. I am pretty sure it is PS3 Media Server causing this behaviour because without that running I have no issues with the wifi connection (I can download torrents all night with not disconnection).

Streaming via Ethernet cable works great and there is no disruption or drop-outs. Initially I thought it might be an issue with the native wifi driver that Ubuntu selected (for my rt2500 based wifi card), however I have discarded that as an option as I have since used the official windows driver using ndiswrapper and the same issue occurs.

There is no obvious crash being displayed in the Trace tab, or in the shell when I run the .sh file from within one.

Any help in diagnosing this issue and fixing it would be greatly appreciated, as I have big plans for my media server once this issue is sorted.
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Re: Wifi Crash Ubuntu 9.04 64bit

Postby groff » Wed Jun 24, 2009 4:08 pm

Hi bojanglez,

You will probably have better luck searching for a solution to this on Ubuntu forums - the problem seems related to your card and/or drivers.

EDIT: if the kernel is aware of the lost connection, you can find information about it by typing "dmesg". Google that message and you might find a solution.
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