1. whats the go with subtitles???? 2. no taskbar icon

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1. whats the go with subtitles???? 2. no taskbar icon

Postby gogreenpower » Tue Jun 09, 2009 4:36 pm

hi guys, just discovered this great little app and im having a little trouble with my subtitles when watching mkv. i've been through every setting twice and am wondering do you have to restart PMS and ur PS3 each time you tick or untick something? i have have followed the ubuntu guides and have the latest mencoders etc. installed, video streams fine, for example im trying to watch a movie which is half in english and half russian but i dont get any subtitles for the russian? i had subtitles for everything (girl screams, dog barks, and all voice english and russian) but i just want to see subtitles for the russian. im using ubuntu 9.04 x64 and my ps3 is the latest update.

any help would be appreciated

ps. i used to have a taskbar icon using a 32bit version of ubuntu but not with my current 64bit??
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