Flac files over NFS problems

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Flac files over NFS problems

Postby xStatiCa » Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:13 am

To begin with... I have recently(within the past 2 weeks) started using PS3 Media Server and think it is much better than anything else out there. Big thanks to everyone involved.

Now down to the issue :). I have my media accessed on my Linux system over an NFS share(100mbit LAN connection). I can play everything just fine (mkv 1080p) but I have random issues with flac files. I have recently started playing my flac files and when I select a song to play on the PS3 sometimes it comes up with the unsupported data error on the PS3. This also happens sometimes when the next song starts playing. If I keep trying to play the same song on the PS3 it will eventually play after about 2 or 10 seconds. I don't see any errors on the trace log. It just seems to indicate that it only transcodes it once so I am thinking it is a timing issue. As an example the first 4 songs below played just fine but the possibly maybe flac gave me the error on the PS3 and then played the next time I tried 3 seconds later. I did not let the songs play out before selecting a new one but it happens regardless of that.

[Thread-12] TRACE 01:57:11.468 Sending ALIVE...
[Thread-451] TRACE 01:57:27.658 Starting transcode/remux of bjork-post-10-cover_me.flac
[Thread-475] TRACE 01:57:43.748 Starting transcode/remux of bjork-post-04-its_oh_so_quiet.flac
[Thread-498] TRACE 01:59:11.649 Starting transcode/remux of bjork-post-05-enjoy.flac
[Thread-521] TRACE 01:59:31.602 Starting transcode/remux of bjork-post-06-youve_been_flirting_again.flac
[Thread-559] TRACE 02:00:03.981 Starting transcode/remux of bjork-post-08-possibly_maybe.flac
[Thread-12] TRACE 02:00:16.027 Sending ALIVE...

It seems like the most logical thing that could be occurring is that the media server is not waiting enough time to start playback under some conditions so waiting a little longer means the file contains enough data so that the PS3 doesn't give the unsupported data error.

Fedora Core 10
PS3 Media Server 1.10.5
mplayer 1.0-0.104.20090204svn (fedora 10 rpmforge repository)
flac-1.2.1 (fedora 10 default)
java (sun version 6 update 13)
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Re: Flac files over NFS problems

Postby skincarver » Sun Apr 26, 2009 3:09 pm

I'm running Ubuntu Jaunty here, no problems at all. Could it be nfs mount options? Defaults are usually safe and slow..
You could try options from my fstab: intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,async,nfsvers=3,bg,actimeo=0,tcp
I've got all my HD movies (and flacs) shared via NFS and they work fine, both ps3 and other pc:s.
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