possible dual installations

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possible dual installations

Postby chrisjscott » Thu Apr 17, 2014 1:19 pm

Newbie here (fair warning)...

Been trying to get PMS up-and-running on my Ubuntu 12.04 system for a while and I fear I may have dual versions running but I can't tell for certain. I first DLed and installed v1.90 from the site but struggled to get it going (I'm running a headless, CLI-only system, by the way) so I used apt-get to uninstall.

However, I still get an assortment of PS3MediaServer messages during startup (just recently discovered this) but the server itself never starts.

So, ignoring that, I tried again, this time using these instructions (http://www.slsmk.com/how-to-install-ps3-media-server-to-ubuntu-in-headless-mode/) - things are almost, but not quite running.

Long story short: where should I be finding PMS-related folders and how can I verify whether or not the 1.90 version is confusing things? I'm findinf PMS.conf files in the following locations:


and directories named ps3mediaserver in these locations:

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