re-read directory ?

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re-read directory ?

Postby jaffar » Sun Apr 12, 2009 8:45 pm

is it possible to somehow refresh a movie directory ?
real case scenario: there's a movie x.avi which is streamed as is. i open it from the PS, everything is nice, but i forgot to put the subtitles. i stop the movie, put the subtitles in the same directory and now i need to watch the transcoded movie. i find it impossible so far - there's no refresh function on the PS, and PMS doesn't seem to notice i added a subtitle, even if i instruct the PS to search for media servers again.
the only way i found is to rename the movie and the subtitles to y.avi and, and it appears in the list after some time.

is there a more elegant way to do it ?

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Re: re-read directory ?

Postby shagrath » Sun Apr 12, 2009 9:03 pm

when launching a video, the subtitles presence will be automatically detected, even if "{external subtitles}" is not displayed
Or, more expeditive, there's a restart function in the #Video Settings# virtual menu
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