basic PMS rpm for opensuse, fedora, mandriva, centos etc

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basic PMS rpm for opensuse, fedora, mandriva, centos etc

Postby mrunix » Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:34 pm

you can find them here: ... ackage=PMS

it only installs PMS, no java, mencoder or whatever else. have a look at the other post with where to find the supporting software

The packages are built with the OBS, the SuSE Open Build Service, which is a magnificient tool that is capable to build packages for different linuxes based on RPM and DEB packages
and even different processor architectures (Intel, powerpc, ARM, etc)

this is just an initial build. If possible ;) I will try to make it include debian/ubuntu and perhaps the right support stuff: java, mencoder, mediainfo, and so forth.

some required software are license / patent encumbered (mpeg, faad, etc), or not legal in some countries. (libdvdcss). I will not be able to include these.

So, enjoy and please be a little patient :mrgreen:
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