Running into issues with Encoding Engines

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Running into issues with Encoding Engines

Postby benand1985 » Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:44 pm


I know that I am new here and I have been trying to find a solid solution for a UPNP server as I have been let down with some of the other solutions out there and so far this is the best one that suits my needs.

I have ran into issues (aka... I broke) the following;
- Plex

Apparently, their parsing engines could no handle the amount of data that I was trying to push to them. Then again, over 700GB in music and more in movies kind of takes it's toll on systems that need to parse the information into either the local or external database. I even tried to back-port the connections to an external MYSQL database but I found out that the UIs on the systems were way WAY to unstable to handle this amount of information. Anyways, since PMS only grabs the data that it needs as it is being accessed this was massive benefit to me. That along with the fact that the system can be used with many different clients as it is just using UPNP/DLNA.

Anyways, now that I am off of my rant I must say that I really like the product but I am running into one minor issue that is just an occasional annoyance that I have been trying to work around for some time now.

- When using the PMS system and when I have not been using XBMC and only the PS3 for a while, I have noticed that my files cannot be accessed via UPNP file support from the XBMC system. I am not really sure what would cause this issue but I can see that both of the render engines are listed for the PS3 and the XBMC. Yet the only way I can resolve this issue is to restart the server and wait for it to re-detect the encoding engines that it is talking to.

Please let me know the following;
- What configuration files need to be looked at
- What properties need to be might need to be adjusted in the UI
- What logs need to be looked at
- What threads may have already addressed this issue

What I can provide
- Log files
- tcpdump from Linux systems
- Client PCAPs using wireshark

My current configuration,

Windows 7 (64-bit)
Intel Extreme 3.2 6-core i7
24GB Ram
XBMC 12 Frodo

Server Host
Host OS = VMware ESXI 5.1
HDD = 4WD Red 3TB RAID-5 (8ish TB Total) (Adaptech Raid)
AMD Bulldozer Vishera 8 Core CPU
16GB RAM (Soon to be 32GB)

Dedicated Server on Host
Host OS = CentOS 6.3
CPU Cores = 4 Cores Dedicated
Memory = 8GB Provisioned (Soon to be 16GB)
HDD Space = 2TB (Soon to be 4TB)

Network Configuration
CrapCast Cable Modem (It is a Cisco thoe with 10/100/1000 Uplink port)
Cisco 2851 Enterprise Branch Router Running Latest IOS (NAT Configuration Only! No ACLs, with Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces WAN/LAN)
Cisco 3548 XL Enterprise Switch (10/100 with 2 Gbics)
D-Link (Green 24Port Gigabit Switch)
Desktop = StarTech PCIE 4 Port Nic 10/100/1000 and Onboard Gigabit (Asus GENE III MicroAtx)..... tested on 4 port nic and on on-board only one port enabled
ESXI System = Two Trend Net TEG PCI-E NICs One Management, the other VMnet. The VMnet is shared between my File Server also CentOS and the PMS system

The ESXI system and my client box are on the same network locally going through the same switch (Dlink Gigabit) when the issue occurs. I have not tried another system yet or another switch yet as I am not sure if my system is the cause of the issue. My router granted does not have UPNP/DLNA support outbound as this is a Enterprise router however, this should not impact the internal traffic to the PMS system. Please let me know what should be tested, data collected or where I can go from here. I would love to assist in testing to get some of these issues resolved, I guess I am a little unsure as to what you would be looking for. I can also assist in the filtering of the captures if needed as I do packet captures and testing on network security devices on a daily basis. :D

Any input you can provide would be awesome....

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Re: Running into issues with Encoding Engines

Postby benand1985 » Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:47 pm

Also, as I have been asked before....

CrapCast usually has to call me as they are clueless when they see the rack in my basement. The sad part is, they still tell me to "Power Cycle" my router....
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Re: Running into issues with Encoding Engines

Postby benand1985 » Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:49 pm

One other note... I just rebuilt my laptop which was running Fedora Core back to Windows 7 (Sad day) as I am going to use him as another test client with XBMC and I should have more information on those tests shortly as well.
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