best practices for ripping dvds to be played by ps3ms

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best practices for ripping dvds to be played by ps3ms

Postby rexroof » Fri Aug 17, 2012 9:25 pm

pardon me if this is answered somewhere else, I did some searching and couldn't find a good answer.

I have ps3 media server working wonderfully on my headless archlinux machine. I stream mostly downloaded content to my ps3 and it works great.

I'm looking for tips for using mencoder to rip some dvds to play via pms. I feel like there must be a really great and obvious answer but I have yet to find it. Every attempt I've made at ripping dvds results in a file that plays great in VLC on my desktop but gives me corrupted data errors or has messed up audio when played via PSM on the ps3.

Preferably I'd use mencoder on my headless linux box to rip these dvds.

Anyone have known working command line options to accomplish this?
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