Force network interface being ignored/forgotten

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Force network interface being ignored/forgotten

Postby caitsith01 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:27 am

Hi all - I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem. I've searched for solutions here and elsewhere but found nothing so far.

I have a NAS/media server box which has two network interfaces, wifi and a physical lan. The wifi link is to a router, the internet, and other computers on the local network. The physical lan is a gigabit connection running directly to my PS3.

If I fire up PS3MediaServer and select eth0 (i.e. the physical link to the PS3) manually from the "force networking interface" drop down, the server works perfectly - the PS3 finds it and happily streams media from it. Brilliant!

However, there's a problem. Even if I save that configuration (i.e. forcing it to use eth0), if I turn on the server when the PS3 is off, PS3 Media Server "forgets" about eth0 - I suppose because there's no active wired network link - and instead starts broadcasting on wlan0. This wouldn't be a problem if it "remembered" about eth0 when the wired connection becomes active (i.e. when the PS3 gets turned on) - but it doesn't. Even when I turn on the PS3, it stays on wlan0 in this scenario and eth0 doesn't even appear in the drop down box for "force networking interface". The only way to get eth0 to appear is to kill the PS3 Media Server process and start it again.

If you start the PS3 first, then turn on the server, it happily finds eth0 and selects it as the output interface.

Unfortunately this basically breaks the usefulness of PS3 Media Server for me at the moment - wlan0 is always going to be active, and eth0 is only sometimes going to be active. This means the media server is going to constantly "forget" about the PS3 and broadcast on wlan0.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? It seems to be a bug.

Basically the possible solutions would seem to involve one of the following:

- somehow force PS3 Media Server to remember eth0 even when there's no active link
- somehow force PS3 Media Server to find and switch to eth0 when it becomes active (this would be ideal, in fact)
- somehow force Linux to keep eth0 as an available network interface even when inactive
- get PS3 Media Server to broadcast to multiple interfaces (is this possible?)

I am running Ubuntu 11.10 on an HP microserver.
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