can not find video file on linux partition

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can not find video file on linux partition

Postby kngharv » Fri Mar 09, 2012 4:56 am

dear all:

I have a strange issue which I am not even sure what are the keyword to google it.

I use Ubuntu/11.x as my primary desktop OS on my laptop. I also have a Windows Vista partition which I boot to it rarely (like once every 4-5 month)

I have configure my Ubuntu such that media files (video, audio) spans different partitions, some files are in Windows partition, some are in my regular /home/xxxx/video directory in my Linux partition.

My issue with PMS right now is that while PS3MediaServer see all the media files on my windows NTFS filesystem perfectly fine, it can *NOT* find video files on my ext3 partition. the PMS can see all the file directories, like /home/user/video/movie/moneyball_2011/, but once I navigate to that directory, it says no media file found.

what is going on here?

my DLNA client is a Panasonic Bluray player.

thanks in advance
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