Error dealing w/ mediainfo

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Error dealing w/ mediainfo

Postby jgonick » Thu Nov 03, 2011 5:10 pm

Ever since pms-linux-1.21.1 I've been getting dlna errors 2110 and 2101 and the P3Media server crashes. I know it is because of mediainfo. When I purge it from my system the server works without errors. (other than not finding mediainfo) I've tried the newest build of mediainfo (0.7.50) and it still crashes the PMS.

When I run PMS 1.21.1 it works fine with any version of mediainfo. What changed after that version of the media server? Is there a fix other than not using mediainfo?

I'm using ubuntu Karmic 64bit. (for the time being)
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Re: Error dealing w/ mediainfo

Postby zenlord » Thu Nov 03, 2011 6:25 pm

I'm having the same problems on Archlinux 64bit: viewtopic.php?p=59603#p59603 (PMS crashes on indexing the video and audio folders and if it doesn't crash, my PS3 reports lots of 2101 errors)

The only downside of using PMS without mediainfo is that I cannot have surround sound. As this is very annoying, I would like to help finding the problem, but we seem to be alone on this one.
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