Anyone using Java 7 yet?

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Re: Anyone using Java 7 yet?

Postby lovenemesis » Wed Jul 11, 2012 5:30 pm

It works perfectly well with the OpenJDK 7 on Fedora 17 box:

Java: 1.7.0_03-icedtea-Oracle Corporation
INFO 2012-07-11 23:49:55.062 [main] OS: Linux amd64 3.4.4-5.fc17.x86_64
INFO 2012-07-11 23:49:55.063 [main] Encoding: UTF-8
INFO 2012-07-11 23:49:55.066 [main] Memory: 682 MB

What I like most is that it finally solve the font condepage issue on Linux. :)
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