1.71 can no longer play flash videos

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1.71 can no longer play flash videos

Postby hottarod » Fri Nov 16, 2012 4:03 am

Worked before the upgrade to 1.71.

12.04(precise) 64 bit
Gnome 3.4.2

PS3 Media Server 1.71.0+mencoder35004-1 (ppa:happy neko)
Build d4d1de9d0 (Tue Nov 6 20:21:23 2012 + 0100)

I can play them from the transcode folder except for the one with the icon.
If I re-order the video encoders the one with the icon will change to
that encoder but it will never play. The other versions in the transcode
folder will play.

message on ps3;

Its a mystery. Is it a parameter that needs to be changed or what?
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