I am new to this software and have a few questions?

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I am new to this software and have a few questions?

Postby iamthechuck » Sun Feb 13, 2011 9:39 am

DO PLEASE READ THE QUESTIONS AT-LEAST please ignore what i said below if your not one of them said people that do that

Ok to start off i dont know if this goes here or not. i am not completely stupid. i also dont like doing post because i usually get trolled/flamed/anything else that can come to your mind ok with that said now to the questions i am sorry for that like thing before.

1. how does this software operate? (how does it stream is it all on the computer then over the network) <<<<<has confused me alot since i have started looking around

2. what is the requirements for running this software? (as i dont have a home server or anything just a computer that is getting out dated with a ton of music and videos on it)

3. what is the load rate at which the computer has to operate? (wireless network included in this please)

4. what is the effects of this going to be on my ram/hard drive?

5. is this going to effect my internet speed when i am streaming? (i love to do many many things at one time plus i have more then just my computer on the network)

and i think there was more question to this but i have forgotten them as sitting here thinking this may not be the best of ideas to get a media server (not as in the software but because i dont know how it is going to effect the network)

a big thank you for answering any of these questions to whom answers them. i am probably way over thinking this but thank you yet again for any answer i shall get
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