MKV files compatibility with TSMuxer

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MKV files compatibility with TSMuxer

Postby galahad » Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:26 pm

This is my first post and first of all, "un grand merci" to shagrath and everyone who contributed to this sensational program. It's really too cool for school ;)

Anyway, the only thing which had really been bugging me is why certain 1080p MKV files were encoded using more than 4/5 reference frames, which I believe the PS3 (or at least TSMuxer) can typically not cope with. I believe some members of this forum had also mentioned that the issue of higher number of reference frames typically affected "older" MKV files. Yet I still occasionally came accross these L5.0- or L5.1- encoded files, which I found really annoying especially since they can take a long time to download. I thought it was best to find out BEFORE spending time downloading anything whether files were likely to work with PSM or not.

I came accross today some extra info on the topic, which I hope clarifies the situation a little. This is probably no news for many other forum members but it was news to me so I thought I would post it here and hear if anyone believes I'm missing anything.

Groups that release video files have to adhere to official x264 encoding rules, which are posted on

Previously, the encoding rules encouraged groups to use a higher number of reference frames in their encoding. ... 3#pid11593

However, given that Popcorn Hour, the PS3 and other hardware decoders can typically only cope with L4.1 the latest scene rules (since revision 3 I think, which was released in late 2008) now prohibit encoding at a higher level than L4.1. ... ndum.1.nfo

So, unless I missed something or misunderstood, MKV files recently released by reputable groups should mux fine with TSMuxer. So for recent files, the only significant advantage I can think of having Popcorn Hour or using MKV2VOB with AVCHD option instead of PS3MediaServer streaming is the 24fps playback, which for some weird reason is not accepted by the PS3 through streaming .. ;( Let's hope Sony decides to change that some day!
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