Media Manager that works well with PMS?

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Media Manager that works well with PMS?

Postby Wolferine111 » Sun Dec 12, 2010 12:48 am

Hey all,

I have PS3 Media Server up and running great.

I currently use Media Companion to download the posters for each of my videos, which works well.

My only problem though, is that Media Companion doesn't have the functionality to resize the poster images, so whenever I view all my movies on my PS3, it takes a substantial amount of time for the thumbnails to display. I'm fairly sure this is because most of the images used as thumbs are around 2-300 kb each.

I don't fancy physically going through my 500 odd video files and resizing each of their images.

Does anyone know of a Media manager that suits my needs? I really only need something that can download a poster based on the video file's name, and name it the same thing as the video file, with a .jpg extension. It can then resize the image to be the necessary resolution for the PS3 to display it properly, without taking ages to load. Media Companion really is overkill as I don't use XBMC at all, but I'm not really educated in the field of media managers and what is good etc.

My video files are all stored in the one folder btw, so the file structure is like this:

G:\My Videos\Movies\movie1.avi
G:\My Videos\Movies\movie2.avi

This is largely so that when I view the movies through my PS3, they all display with their respective thumbnails at the same time (looks really cool, only as mentioned it takes forever to load the thumbnails).

Sorry if I have droned on a bit, its early on a Sunday morning here lol.

Thanks all.
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