can't play anything on the PS3

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can't play anything on the PS3

Postby kmcintyre » Tue Nov 23, 2010 6:34 am


I'm a newbie. First post. I installed PWS and can browse all my drives from the PS3. Unfortunately I can't seem to play any audio or video files s(o far).

I can access all the folders in my iTunes lib but can't play any of the .m4a (apple lossless) files.

I can access other folders containing .avi files, but can't stream those either.

AVISynth/FFmpeg. AVISynth/MEncoder, and VideoLan Audio Streaming engine status all show "This engine is not loaded". I've read many posts buy have found no answer as to why these engines will not load. (Triangle with exclamation mark showing...)


Generally, I would like to capture some old VHS tapes to my computer hard drive. I would like to browse and view the videos on my TV via the PS3. I would also like to play iTunes PLAYLISTS off my computer to the remote PS3/TV/HT system. Is PSW the right tool? Suggestioned format for storing the captured VHS content. (I'm going to use the dazzle hd i/f...)

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Re: can't play anything on the PS3

Postby devildog93 » Tue Nov 23, 2010 8:50 am

First off make sure you are under the correct media category and that you have not hit the folder depth limit.

For iTunes, particularly with a LARGE library, PMS might not be best for you. iTunes libraries can jam PMS up and prevent the service/app from starting.

As far as what format for your VHS rips, most likely AVI. I don't even know what would be involved in ripping and encoding a VHS to digital though, I haven't touched a VHS tape in a decade. Any of the native PS3 formats should do, as long as you are capable of creating them. Here is a list of PS3 compatible formats. ... types.html

VLC engine won't load most likely because you have too new of a version, or it is not installed. Check your Traces tab text for a VLC reference. The last known working version of VLC w/PMS is v. 0.98.

AviSynth/MEncoder and AviSynth/FFmpeg need AviSynth installed in your computer. Version 2.5.7 is reported to be the least buggy. ... e/download

For AviSynth/FFmpeg, you will also need either an external codec pack like CCCP or K-Lite or just simply ffdshow tryouts.

Instructions on codec pack w/ AviSynth installation on Readme/FAQ tabs of PMS GUI.
Once you have the required apps installed, you have to manually start/plugin the engines on the Transcoder settings tab in the big white box on the left, then prioritize them by adjusting their position in the box (top is default engine choice)
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