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web streaming

Postby Weirskynet » Wed Feb 25, 2009 11:56 pm

Hi there folks ok im looking for some assistance im having trouble streamin tv etc web video feeds on pms
the video streams fine but the sound is all distorted and show it streams in mpeg 2 channel and is very crackly and distorted u cant make it out

i have the cccp pack installed latest version from site but need help as to waht codecs to use or what to install or uninstall

my current setup is

windows vista ultimate
amd quad core am2 + 9550 black edition
4gb ddr2 mem
500gb sata2 hdd
7.1 hd audio nforce sound card

all audio stream work fine and normal files audio and video on pc streamin is ok its just the audio for the web online media

thanks for assistance
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Re: web streaming

Postby whome » Thu Feb 26, 2009 12:46 pm

Please, tell us an exact videofeed urls you use. Hard to test otherwise, it may very well be the problem of one specific video site. I get video and audio fine from youtube.com, google.video and areena.yle.fi sites. PS3MS webstreaming uses VLC so Windows directx based filters and codecs are no use. And whats your VLC version?

Edit: Double-post, original question is here where should replys go. thx
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