The perfect equip for this program??

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The perfect equip for this program??

Postby jasnow » Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:11 pm

Mi current pc is too old. I wanna buy a new one and would like to recive all your advices about what configuration you would buy. In all the shops I´m asking, they don,t know about this program (pMS) and they says, i must ask about the better confifuration for it.

Basically, I,ll use the new one with this program, but I want it´ll run "perfect" at 1080, and obviously, I prefer to make a little higher inversion, and getting a good computer for some years.

The films will be streamed throught ethernet in a Cat-5E. The router is tipe G, but it´ll have a switch of 1Gb

I´ll would appreciate all your opinion, because you really know about pc, about ps3 and about this great progam.

In the beggining, I had though about:
processor: I7 1366 920
3x2Gb DDR3 256 bits FX PCI-E
Gigabyte 775/EX58-UD4P
FX PCI-E 9800GT-1024 DDR3 256 Bits
ATX Corsair 750W TX

After, talking with the shop´s owner (who doesn´t know about this program), she says that, maybe, the program wasn´t programed for working perfect at 64bits, and in that case, it would be smarter, decide about a pc of the type Quad at 32.

I don´t know too much about computers. I wanna buy one, that allows me seening 1080 perfect, without nothing of stuttering, and at the same time, it runs with other works (like downloading another files, working in the web...) :?: :?:

Thank you. All ideas wellcome
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Re: The perfect equip for this program??

Postby Electrifying » Wed Feb 11, 2009 12:12 am

Well i am not good at linking the ideal hardware for 1080P but from what i've heard/read form various sources, is that in the case for the CPU you need a minimum of an AMD X2 6000+ or an Intel E4400. I'm not entirely sure about the Intel though. Regarding a video adapter I would prefer an Ati HD video card. This is because the UVD scores a bit better then Nvidia's Purevideo and UVD is more versatile in formats (UVD accepts H264, VC1 and MPEG2, The container doesn't really matter I think).

If you don't really care about hardware decoding, then I can't prefer a certain graphics adapter. I've had both Nvidia and Ati adapters and they both perform well with very good visual quality.

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Re: The perfect equip for this program??

Postby ExSport » Wed Feb 11, 2009 12:28 am

HW decoding is not question for PMS. PMS uses mplayer for decoding purpose so if you want hw support ask there(mplayer development blog).
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Re: The perfect equip for this program??

Postby Konceptz » Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:19 am

Me personally, I would stick with minimum 4.0ghz on a dual core 6MB l2 cache or min 3.6ghz on a quad core. Nothing less then 2GB of DDR2 800mhz ram.
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Re: The perfect equip for this program??

Postby Kit64 » Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:46 am

If you planning on storing quite a few movies etc, you will need plenty of HDD space.
Currently I have a small collection of 35 standard DVD ISO's taking 240GB (I have 2 x 1000GB available).
Storing Blu-ray / 1080 will take up to 5 times more space, unless you cut some features or quality.
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Re: The perfect equip for this program??

Postby nmaf » Tue Feb 17, 2009 4:22 am

i have a i7 920 with 6gb ddr3 and 512mb 4870, running over cat6 gigabit, and it's flawless at 1080p.
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Re: The perfect equip for this program??

Postby eskimos20 » Tue Feb 17, 2009 9:10 am

First of all I envy you guys with that much cpu :)

I have a Intel dual core 2.0 my laptop.. it is possible to watch all the 1080p movies I have... but I have to use coreavc... and then my cpu runs at 100% on both cores....

So I believe that is a minimum.... I dont know if PMS supports quad core that well..... but dual core for sure..

I would go with a Intel Dualcore at least 3ghz..... 64 or 32 bits does´nt really matter.. works with both of them... i run vista 64 bit.... but I believe PMS still runs in a 32 bit enviroment or something like that... (not sure).

From what I understand is that PMS uses only ram and cpu when transcoding... so go with at least 3gb ram... unless you run a 64 bit OS... then you could have 4 or more... and buy the fastest cpu you could afford...

I also have heard that some GPU:s (that is the cpu on your graphics card if you dont know that) from NVIDIA can be used to help your cpu transcode.... but I am not sure how that works....

I am going to buy a new computer myself just to use with PMS... I am thinking of buying 4 gb ram.... and a Intel Quad cpu.... the fastest one I could afford.. probably around 3ghz... the intel cpu:s are good at overclocking aswell .... so I think it should be possible to run it at 3.6 ghz or something like that...

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Re: The perfect equip for this program??

Postby ExSport » Wed Feb 18, 2009 4:09 pm

GPU will not help in question of transcoding but only decoding(CoreAVC). Then you will have more CPU left for transcoding task.
But my opinion is to use MEncoder or tsMuxeR only. When you will use Avisynth, then some degradation in quality, 2.0 audio instead of 5.1 can occour. It is because all settings in ffdshow,ac3filter etc. will be passed to PMS so if you badly set postprocessing, audio restriction to 2.0 etc. your PS3 will play it exactly same. So if you wand avoid these problems, the best way to use MEncoder only for transcoding, so 4core is sufficient(because MEncoder is not yet optimally optimized for multithreading)
Maybe it will be great if PMS will use Avisynth only for .H264 video and in other cases MEncoder only 8-)
CoreAVC have not lot of settings and none of them can degrade quality as ffdshow settings. Is it possible Shagrath?
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Re: The perfect equip for this program??

Postby BigRed » Sun Feb 22, 2009 11:14 pm

To do the transcoding I just bought a new pc.

Intel dual core 3ghz, 4Gb ram (DDR2 - 1066 OC), asus ASUS P5QL-EM , Seagate ST 3500320AS as disk (500Mb, 32Mb cache), XP Pro, gigabit ethernet but my ADSL router is 100mb.

I use the integrated VGA, actually the pc doesn't have monitor, keyboard and mouse because I use it only via remote desktop.

When I transcode 1080p material with DD 5.1 audio everything comes flawlessy but I have both processors at 90%. I use mencoder with both "enhanced multicore support " and "skips loop" enabled. I believe it is a kinda of "entry level" for the job but it perfect.
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Re: The perfect equip for this program??

Postby mphuie » Tue Feb 24, 2009 6:07 am

Perfect equip would be as cheap as possible.

Works great on my Fry's $100 - Dual core E5200 (2.5ghz) & ECS mobo combo w/ 3GB ram and Onboard video. I'm running WS08 32bit.

1080p DTS MKV's range from 80%-90% on my media server, playing flawlessly.
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