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Download latest PS3MS beta build

Postby shagrath » Thu Jul 30, 2009 1:08 am

From now on, I'll try to keep updated the following space with the latest build from the trunk, both Windows and Linux versions :
Keep in mind these builds are not tested extensively. It's recommended to install it in another directory, but you can install these over your current installation (and of course, you can revert anytime to any older versions: ... list?can=1 )

Latest builds [2010-10-04] / Current revision: 412

Windows: ... 20.412.exe
Linux: ... 20.412.tgz
Mac OS X: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1635

changelog between r409 and r400:

UTF8 issues ?
No more crashes on Linux/OSX
MP4 Video Cover Art
Other small issues
Performance changes with videos folder scan

changelog between r400 and r397:

Fixes: mp4 transcode/remux regression / Http server start regression / Mplayer thumbnails mode / Better DLNA (regarding totalmatches)

changelog between r397 and r392:

- Fix no thumbnails mode
- DRM files detection
- MediaInfo64 / Better divx, avi/ac3, wmv support, also Skip/Force transcode management

changelog between r392 and r381:

Major change: Could introduce regression issues, streaming/transcoding detection issues
MediaInfo support by default for PS3/XBOX, ongoing work on other renderers:
-> Faster XMB navigation (faster parsing, plus file list appears before thumbnails generation)
-> Proper auto detection of non supported files (PS3: Mpeg w/ DTS, Qpel/Gmc/H264 AVI files, Apple Lossless AAC files, 6 channels WMV, etc.)
OS X: Dropped official support for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and Intel processors without 64bit support (anything older then Core 2)
Issues with some audio m4a and video mp4 files (wrong mime types)
Slowdown on FLAC media library scan

changelog between r381 and r369:

- Mplayer builds from 2010-01-19 (Regular and MT):
- DVD ISO muxing enabled by default + DTS support (need some tests :p). It's an option in the transcode settings panel
- New Mplayer build font cache should build if needed at start
- Definitive removal of the tsmuxer mpeg parser (slow and now unnecessary with recent ffmpeg builds)
- New option to avoid music files resampling
- Better support for simultaneous usage with several ps3s/renderers (need tests as well)
- Better support for Sony Bravia TVs for all regions (no need to tweak that conf file by hand)
- 5.0 Audio channel support
- Small fixes

changelog between r369 and r366:

- Newest Windows binaries of FFmpeg, mplayer and mencoder. Mencoder-mt is *not* updated: you can try the one from sherpya here: ... z/download
- Auto rotation of images based on EXIF orientation, only on PS3
- New option to start basic streaming in the #transcode folder (request of meskibob)
- Static UUID, multiple server instances appearing on the renderer should be a thing of the past
- A few bugfixes

changelog between r366 and r363:

- Some changes on Sony, Philips renderer support
- Fix bug with subtitles search on large dir browsing

changelog between r363 and r356:

- Ability to choose the subtitles color
- Audio transcoding to 48kHz by default on PS3 (new renderer parameter 'TranscodeAudioTo441kHz', feel free to tweak it)
- Support of HTTP chunk encoding (from the client side)
- Regional profiles support for Bravia TVs
- New renderer parameter (see 'TranscodedVideoFileSize', for Samsung/Philips TVs maybe)
- iTunes library support on Windows

changelog between r356 and r350:

- Case insensitive files order
- *.txt subtitles files
- oma and aa3 atrack files playable on ps3
- Fixed slow a/v out of sync on xbox360
- Pseudo chapters interval support via #Transcoded folder
- better XBMC and FreeboxHD support
- Fixed http server stop
- Fixed bug in the transcode buffer handling (+10 minutes FLAC files / Radio)
- Tiny media library admin web interface

Some plugins (not compatible with OSX, yet):


Official Changelog (not much detailed):

- Changes / Features

Externalization of PS3/Xbox playback profiles, it's now possible to create profiles for any media renderer
Includes preliminary support for Sony Bravia, Popcorn Hour, Samsung Wiselink, Freebox HD
Handling of UTF8 and UTF16 encoding, and case insensitive external subtitles
DVD ISO remuxed by default / DTS 768kBps support on ps3
CUE playlist support
Pseudo chapters support via the #Transcoded folder
DVD ISO thumbnails support
Updated tsMuxeR binaries (better H264 camcorders support)
Windows: Launcher now detects Java 64 bits if installed
Windows: Updated mencoder/mplayer/ffmpeg builds
OSX: tsMuxeR and FLAC binaries are now available in this build, this adds a lot of features on Mac which were previously only available on Windows or Linux (like DTS and remux support)
OSX: iPhoto and iTunes library support (thanks to Pedro Simoes)
OSX: Native look, now looks like a Mac application
OSX: Updated mencoder/mplayer/ffmpeg builds, support for FriBidi
OSX: Updated build script to make a bundle or dmg automatically (thanks to Josh Klun)
New translations: Czech (thanks to Mila), Danish (thanks to Niclas Gleesborg), Slovenian (thanks to Rob Wall)

- Fixes

New and experimental HTTP engine: better media renderer support / no more random sound cuts when playing mp3s
Fixed slow a/v out of sync on Xbox360 ?
Media library major speed and size improvements (you may have to reset the library)
Improved fix for the stopped videos issue
Better support for mkvs with NTSC video track
Fixed spaces usage in the audio/subtitles configurations
Fixed black screen with some AVC videos badly flagged at L4.1
Fixed cover art files not always read
Fixed bug with multiple playlist in one folder
OSX: Reopening of the main window after you closed it is now possible, also fixes start as minimized (thanks to grcvoodoorush)
OSX: Configuration file now stored outside of the bundle so that you don't lose your settings when you upgrade to a new version (thanks to grcvoodoorush)
OSX: Unicode files are now playable (thanks to Thierry Pittet)
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