Axis 211 Camera

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Axis 211 Camera

Postby cmh32765 » Tue Jun 02, 2009 3:46 am

Just some info on streaming from an Axis camera that I have working, if anyone is interested.

Here is what I added to the web.conf


change username and password to your actual settings. If you have your camera setup for anonymous access just remove "username:password@" from the entry.
change to the actual i.p. settings of the camera.
On the camera change the setting for
system options/advanced/plain config/network (group)/session timeout/
to "0" (that's a zero). This will allow the stream not to stop after 60 seconds.

My box is a ubuntu 9 server 64 bit. It takes about 25 seconds before the video displays and the stream is about 5 seconds behind.
You can leave the camera setup to do a live stream of mpeg4 video(for normal web viewing) and this mjpg stream will still work.
I found this page: very helpful.

Now for what I could not get working(again for the interested)...

Here are a couple of examples of the working rtsp on VLC:

With VLC on XP they connect in about 2 seconds and are about 1.5 seconds behind.

in PMS this did not work):

I did not wait for more than a minute for the video to come up in PMS, so I can not be sure it was not just bufering it however.

I hope this helps someone.

Thanks for making this program. It is wonderful and getting better day by day!
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Re: Axis 211 Camera

Postby terrizzi » Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:29 am

I have a Axis 216 FD and an Arecont 3MP

I am struggling to make it work but I seem to be getting somewhere


Both images come up as thumbnails for a single live image for that camera.

For the axis camera, im seeing weird buffering issues and frames lost.

[New I/O server worker #1-11] DEBUG 21:28:51.070 Resume Read: readCount=5726208 / writeCount=5857280
[New I/O server worker #1-11] DEBUG 21:28:51.070 Suspend Read: readCount=5758976 / writeCount=5857280
[Timer-11] DEBUG 21:28:51.927 Buffered Space: 157696 bytes / inputs: 1
[New I/O server worker #1-11] DEBUG 21:28:52.070 Resume Read: readCount=5758976 / writeCount=5916672
[New I/O server worker #1-11] DEBUG 21:28:52.070 Suspend Read: readCount=5824512 / writeCount=5916672
[Thread-108] DEBUG 21:28:52.259 Skipping frame!
[Thread-108] DEBUG 21:28:52.505 Skipping frame!
[New I/O server worker #1-11] DEBUG 21:28:53.070 Resume Read: readCount=5824512 / writeCount=5947392
[New I/O server worker #1-11] DEBUG 21:28:53.070 Suspend Read: readCount=5849088 / writeCount=5947392
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