continious lagg every 2. min or so

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continious lagg every 2. min or so

Postby da-bitsch » Sun May 17, 2009 10:55 pm


I am new into this ps3 media thingy.. I tried it on 2 computers.. the first one (zepto 6625wd) couldnt handle the data it seemed.. the video stream was great but eventually (after a few mins) the network on the computer went down (never tried that before).. i then tried it on my netbook samsung c10.. The search function on the ps3 was slower and the video started slower, but the netbook was able to handle the movie when first started BUT after a couple of mins (approx same time as zepto) the playback will lagg and will do it a couple of mins later.. the ps3 is running on cable and the computers on wireless.. My router is a D-link dir635.. Does anyone have an idea what is causing this? if it is the router does someone have a good router they could recommend? perhaps a router that could run the ps3 media server :P ? (guess i am dreaming here)

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