A few questions and comments from a new guy

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A few questions and comments from a new guy

Postby Jonhoo » Mon May 11, 2009 9:03 pm

First of all, I think it is great that somebody has actually taken the time to develop a proper media server for the PS3. Kudos for that!
Still, after trying out the server for a while now, I'm having a couple of problems/comments/suggestions coming to mind. Some of them might have simple answers, so don't shoot me if I have overlooked a checkbox ;)
  • Is is possible to have the PS3MS serve a list of all available files of a given type, regardless of their folder/location? For example to have a "All music" listing..
  • Can I have PS3MS sort all tracks in a folder alphabetically by title from ID3, instead of by filename ( my filenames all start with the artist.. )?
  • Follow up to the question above - is it possible to have "dynamic folders" such as for example a folder for each artist in my library?
  • I get the error "The data type is not supported" when trying to play a lot of my mp3 files, though they play fine when I start them on my computer.. I had this issue when playing from WMP11 as well, but I hoped switching to PS3MS would help. The problem only occured after the last firmware update..
  • PS3MS seems to "copy" the album art from other songs to the ones it can't find any album art for.. So now I have 10 songs in a row allegedly from "The Box Tops - Sould Deep"...
  • Fetching the preview images in the "1 minute interval" feature of the PS3 video player is extremely slow, and often fails.. Any way to avoid this?

BTW: I probably should mention that I am running both the PC and the PS3 on a wireless network ( N-Draft, but nonetheless )..

Thanks for a great product anyhow!
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Re: A few questions and comments from a new guy

Postby shagrath » Mon May 11, 2009 9:54 pm

enable the media library and launch the scan is your solution. be sure to download latest betas, they are faster on this
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