New ps3ms user..... how i use it?

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New ps3ms user..... how i use it?

Postby Turtlegsr » Thu Apr 23, 2009 4:08 pm

Hi everyone,
i'm a new ps3ms users and i have some question about interface from PS3.

Sorry if some question are answered in other tread or in some manual, but in this 2 last days i didn't find any doc or information about this.

So here my question:

1. In PS3 menu i found correctly ps3 server and i can navigate in folder/subfolder in any section. For Video (i'm testing video now) i can navigate to folder shared by ps3 in which i have my video and i can found:
- my video files.... obviusly!! :-)
- *transcode* folder with all video present in my shared folder, here my doub...
_ for each video a folder in which i can found, depend to format, same video repeat for each language,subtitle,etc

QUESTION: Which are the different ? only language and subtitle?
How i can change language during playback? and enable/disable subtitle during playback?
If video is directly supported by PS3, which different are there between playback of video in main level respect video present in *transcode* subfolder?

2. Is possible to filter content and have video present only from *transcode* folder ?
3. DVD folder/DVD iso is play as video , is this normal behavior or is possible to have a DVD play with dvdmenu , etc?
4. How i can add new group rule such as Video HD, Video SD, All video, etc in order to create new group... i think Animation, Horror,etc or any other type of grouping

For now stop to the question, very compliment for this media server, very innovative , GOOD JOB!!!!

I hope to see answer...... :-)
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Re: New ps3ms user..... how i use it?

Postby pmos69 » Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:12 am

1. Language, subtitles and encoder engines.
Can't change during playback.
If the codec is directly suported by the ps3, you should use TsMuxer for streaming.

2. No.
For a global setting, change the order of the Video files engines in the transcoding settings to change the default engine.
You can also have specific settings for each video.

3. Normal behavior. No support for DVD menu

4. Media Library has the groups you mention (HD, SD, All), if you enable it. No support (yet) for custom groups.
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