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Postby antix » Sun Mar 01, 2015 1:56 am

Hi all!

I have just bought a jail broken PS3 so I would stop getting 'Cinavia playback restriction 3' that I was on my standard ps3. I am quite a noob to Multiman and Showtime, I was wondering if you guys could help me out with just some basic setting or programs I should get so it will be easy for me to access my media share hard drive that’s connected to my router.

-When I’m in the normal xmb I can access all my media (music, photos, AVI videos) from my media share hard drive that’s plugged into my TPLink TD-W8980 but when I go into –Multiman –Showtime it will only show the folders not the actual files, how can I get them to show up so I can play them?
-I take it I can’t sign into the PlayStation network as it asks me to update?
-I have seen in youtube vids of peoples jail broken ps3’s that have TV/Video Services on the main XMB with a link straight to Showtime. Can I get that without logging in or is there a way to log in without updating?
-What programs or apps do you use to stream movies? How do I go about installing them? Do I need to sign in? I have tried Navi-x within showtime but whenever I click on a video it just has the loading circle and then nothing?

I’m sorry if this has been covered and I’ll make sure to help out others like me on the form once I figure it out but these things are killing me, I have spent so many hours trying to get it right with no luck. ANY help would be so greatly appreciated!!

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