Cannot play M4V or MP4 Videos on PS3

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Cannot play M4V or MP4 Videos on PS3

Postby usbfc58sdj » Sun Jun 29, 2014 6:07 pm

My PS3 is not allowing me to stream my iTunes movies on my Playstation. I keep getting an error (800288E1) or a data is corrupted message.

I'm trying to play my M4V movies that I downloaded from the iTunes store on my PS3.

I've tried skipping/forcing encoding. I've tried clicking and unclicking lots of things. I've even renamed the M4V file to MP4, which plays on my Mac but still doesn't play on my PS3. Nothing seems to work. Can anyone help.

Mac 10.9.2
PMS 1.90.1
PS3 Version 4.60 (most recent), 320GB PS3

PS: It's not even recognizing my M4V files on my USB drive when plugged in.
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